Rambling Beyond Borders - Trekking, Hiking & Village Walks

Go bold, go beyond the borders of the norm. Indulge in interesting hikes, treks and village walks that promise to take you to beautiful places beyond imagination. Visualize hiking on the railroad that travels to the hill country. The panoramic view of tea plantations, gushing waterfalls, and distant mountains covered in veils of mist, deep narrow and valleys with winding streams. Not forgetting the stop at the wayside boutique to enjoy a bite and steaming hot tea after the exhilarating shuffle through the dark tunnels.

For those who dare, there are no confines!

Hiking up to the Knuckles Mountain Range is rather different with lots of uphill climbs throw winding paths, yet being rewarded with rare bird sightings, beautiful cascades, plenty of exotic fauna and flora and certainly amazing scenic views. You can also trek through rice fields, tea plantations, spice gardens and remote villages. Climb mountains, wade through shallow waterways, travel on narrow mountain trails and stop to talk to the villagers who will wish you long life and definitely a good day. You can also stop at the village temple to observe the morning devotions and may be engage in a few moments of sublime meditation too.