Being Local, Staying Local

To experience the best of Sri Lankan lifestyle, spending a night or two in their humble abodes, while helping in the chores, preparing a meal and enjoying it with them while chatting about their routines and occupations is a must do experience. This is something you cannot experience staying in a hotel. Travel to a traditional village home where you will be warmly welcomed and shown your space for the night.

Experience Sri Lankan hospitality at its best!

Bathe at a conventional well or water sprout or even indulge in a refreshing swim in the nearby river. Enjoy cups of hot piping tea while munching homemade sweets, stroll around the home garden and spice patches, and do a bit of bird watching before retiring indoors. Help in preparing the traditional Sri Lankan meal prepared on a wood hearth. Be educated about local cooking tips and maybe even get the recipes to be tried out later. After a hearty meal with the family its time to retire for the night… knowing well the morning will bring more surprises!