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Best Rural Village Walks In Sri Lanka

This is your ultimate chance to feel the pulse of the rural village people and their culture of Sri Lanka. You can take an early morning picturesque village walk where you will be greeted with early morning birds with their symphonies and feel the cold breeze caressing your face. Meet the ever smiling villages on their way to day’s duty and children hurry to school with white dress.

You can walk miles in to villages cross paddy fields. Cross river banks and walk in jungle footpath, climb scenic mountains take a refreshing dip in the natural waterways and pick some lotus flowers to offer nearby temple.While crossing the village stop over a fine cup of Ceylon tea in a village boutique. Stop for a hearty full Sri Lankan rice and curry lunch at a village house. Watch the villagers work in their rice fields and chenas, learn a little about their culture, lifestyle, habitat and traditions. Every step you take will tell you a new story .

Below mentioned are some of the best rural village walks you can do in Sri Lanka.

1. Rural Village Walk In Kandy

May 07, 2019 | by Krishan

In this rural village walk you will be experiencing remote beauty of Kandy at its best. You will be taking mountain walk to one of the most beautiful and remote villages in Kandy at the foothills of Knuckles Mountains with an experienced guide and a villager. This is your ultimate chance to experience real authentic sights of a village untouched by mass tourism growth or development. In this tour you will be passing Pine forests, Tea estates, gushing streams, jungle patches, waterfalls, terraced rice fields and domestic spice fields. In this village walk you can interact with real locals and see how they work in paddy fields and tea fields. Taste home cooked real Sri Lankan rice and curries lunch and see how cows are used in preparing paddy field to cultivate.

You can visit real village houses reside in the mountains and take part in preparing Sri Lankan rice and curry. The home cooked meal will be served as your lunch complimented with fresh home grown fruits such as Mangoes and Bananas.

2. Habarana & Sigiriya Authentic Village Walk

May 07, 2019 | by Krishan

This is your ultimate chance to explore the rustic rural community of Sigiriya and Habarana accompanied by an expert guide. In this tour you will be experiencing the authentic village lifestyle, culture and the hospitality. This is not a setup village for mass tourism attraction. The both villages are predominantly agriculture based and this is chance to witness conventional rice fields, vegetable farming, cultivation of native yams and other crops. Most of the villagers are farmers and this is your ultimate chance to interact with sons of soil. If you are ready you can climb on to one of makeshift “tree house” where villagers spend the night to dive away the wild animals form their cultivations. .

You will have close encounter with village fish vendors and vegetable vendors delivering goods with their bikes and bicycles and hand carts. Step on to one of theirs humble village houses to have a sip of Ceylon tea with jaggery. Experience how the clay brick are made, starting from the crushing of the dry clay, kneading, molding and finally burning in a traditional wood kiln. This one of a kind experience will also take you through patches of jungle where you can witness chena or shifting cultivation in addition to plenty of birds and some wildlife.

3. Trek Through The Country Side Of Bentota

May 07, 2019 | by Krishan

In this tour you will be experiencing unspoiled beauty of Bentota and its surroundings. You will be starting the tour by public transport for about 35-40 km to reach a village in the Singharaja Forest area. From there you will be traveling around two and a half hours through the natural rocky path. It is surrounded by colorful range of mountains covered with indigenous and endemic plants and fauna.

You will experience the eco-friendly system life style of a pleasant remote village. Its unspoiled by the modern concrete jungles and large scale development projects. It helps to protect the magical touch of the nature as it is.You will have opportunity of dipping in to freshwater ponds also.In this tour you will have chance of visiting centuries old Buddhist Temple arriving through a hard rocky path to reach a Buddhist monastery. In here you will find meditating monks who keeps their life away from busy world in order to get rid of one’s lust and attain nibbana.

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