Rustic Rural Getaways

Experience first hand the village life in rural Sri Lanka. Be like a Sri Lankan villager for one whole day, participate in some great activities and learn about the traditions, culture and beliefs of these diligent folk. Be welcomed with folded palms as they greet you with a friendly smile. Sightsee the village while rambling along down narrow gravel pathways lined with trees. Visit their wattle and daub house and observe the home garden plots and rice fields.

Touch base with real Sri Lanka!

Join in the planting of rice plant seedlings in the flooded fields that have been ploughed and made ready for planting or if its harvest time then you can help bring in the bounty. Sit down on the embankment of the field to enjoy the specially prepared noon meal called “Ambula” served on a leaf. You can observe more traditional cottage industries which varies by the region and availability of raw materials such as brick making, pottery, incense sticks making, dairy farming, weaving of reed mats and handloom textiles, batik, wooden handicrafts and many more unique and interesting occupations that sustains the village economy.