Rainforest Reverberates

Do you wanna hear the echo of the wilderness as it reverberates the magical sounds of nature. The Sinharaja Rain Forest is a bio-diversity hotspot, recognized as a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This treasure trove of endemic species is home to over 50% of the country’s endemic wildlife which includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and rare insects and over 60% of the trees are endemic too making it one of the finest tropical rain forests in this part of the world.

Where the deep, dark greens overpower all else!

Observe at close quarters the many rare species of fauna and flora as you trek along with your guide who is also a professional naturalist. Take in the beauty of the dense greenery merging with a hybrid of colour, tall trees and gorgeous ferns hiding under the overgrowth be observant in spotting the wildlife around; it could be rare bird calls, the rustling of dry leaves and the fleeing of a baby deer or a camouflaged reptile that hangs from a tree branch or how about a tree frog watching the visitors from its tree perch or the cheeky monkeys swinging across the trees. Visit the impressive waterfalls that cascade down the rocky precipices. Take a refreshing a dip or just sit with your feet in the water and let the fish nibble your toes. Seek the enchantment of this rainforest. It’s an amazing experience made for the true nature lover!