Mountains, Culture and Food - Kandy & Knuckles

Kandy is a mountainous destination with amazing greenery, misty mountains, cascading waterfalls and tea plantations all locked in. Every mountain in Kandy tells a story of traditional and culture where people from the different walks of life carryon their existence in a true rural setting. Encounter these diligent folk across various occupations, visit their homes, cook and enjoy a meal with them, lend a hand with the chores and even spend a night or two in their humble abode, it’s a great way to get first hand understanding of rural Kandyan lifestyles. You can also explore the beautiful outdoors; trek up the mountains, bathe in the river, go bird watching, visit a spice garden, pay homage at the village temple or play a game of cricket with the village kids. It’s the perfect opportunity to interact with the friendly, hospitable villagers of Kandy.

No vacation is complete without a visit to beautiful Kandy!

Another interesting mountain trek is to The Knuckles Mountain range where the Knuckles Conservation Forest, an important component of the Central Highlands and an UNESCO World Heritage site is located. Here one can observe rare endemic fauna and flora and some stunning scenery in addition to getting a deep insight of the traditions and culture of the village inhabitants by visiting their homes, working along with them in the rice and vegetable fields and cooking a traditional meal and enjoying it with them whilst supporting the sustainability of the village folk. This would be a great opportunity to experience this unique region of Kandy, still untouched and unspoilt.