Good Food, Sri Lankan Style - Food & Cooking

The gourmet food expedition begins early morning at the local market. Walk through the corridors and alleys lined with fresh wholesome fruits, vegetables, greens, yams and herbs in various colours and shapes, all stacked up neatly giving the appearance of a vibrant pageant. Listen to the vendors calling out loud and offering handsome bargains as an inducement to buy. Traversing through will take you to the spice shops selling exotic local spices and the meat and fish stalls are treat not be missed.

An unforgettable cooking experience, Sri Lankan style!

After having purchased everything required for the days cooking it’s time to leave for the village home. On arrival be treated to a refreshing drink of King Coconut before learning about the nutritional facts and health benefits of the dishes to be prepared. Join in the culinary folly; chop vegies, scrape coconut, grind the spices and cook in terracotta clay pots on a traditional wooden hearth. Enjoy a delicious meal with the family followed by traditional dessert of curd and treacle or a platter of fresh local fruits before saying goodbye.