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Best Things to do in Sri Lanka | Galle

Top4 Travel Experiences in Galle

Galle is a Major city in Sri Lanka with a lot of historical and modern landmarks. Galle is situated on the southwestern tip Galle is the administrative capital of Southern Province. The town has a World Heritage site to its name and that is predominantly responsible for its popularity with tourist. This is the 300 years Old Dutch fort.

The route for galle town has two main routs one is a coastal one which much scenery and things to see which takes three to four hours to reach galle, other is the southern expressway where there is no much scenery but you can access galle town within one and half hours.After getting in to Galle town you can either see around by a Tuk tuk or feel free to walk around the town. Galle has so many picturesque places.

The main landmark of the Galle is Galle Fort other than that there are lot of other places to visit. this includes Galle natural harbor, National Maritime Museum, Dutch Church built in 1754,Government House in the British era and one of main Shiva temples to name a few apart from the town in the inner country areas will offer you splendid natural views that you will never get board of and not to forget picturesque beaches that surrounds Galle.