Best things to do in Sri Lanka

Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a small Island with myriad of attractions such as history, culture, mountains, rain forests, nature reserves where one could see Leopards, Elephants, Bears & Birds, great food, cycling, trekking, white water rafting, colonial past, great beaches, tea gardens and scenic train journeys. There are thousands of websites with an overwhelming amount of repeated information on "Highlights of Sri Lanka" written by travel bloggers who follow the same old and common route. We, being locals, possess knowledge of real authentic experiences and local secrets which would only come from the locals. Following is a compilation of the best things to do in Sri Lanka during your holiday in Sri Lanka by the destination suggested by local destination specialists. If you have a different idea or requirement, click here to write to one of our Sri Lanka local destination specialists to make a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka.