Unique Experiences in Sri Lanka

A treasure trove of amazing wonders waiting to be discovered! A collection of beautiful places and remarkable things to do; climb every mountain, hike every trail, backpack to the back-of-beyond and return to nature. Take a trip to the top of the world or voyage to the bottom of the ocean, go back in time, be pampered with true Sri Lankan hospitality…the surprises will never end.

We at Sri Lankan Expeditions, being pioneers in the tourism industry have always presented unique and exclusive offerings to our esteemed clientele. Our experience and insight about the industry has helped us identify a number of “must do” places and activities that will show visitors the “Sri Lankan Expeditions”, promising a truly memorable and fulfilling vacation. This includes the Best of Nature, Adventure, Culture and Leisure activities.

We offer guided tours using our own fleet of vehicles, experienced and reliable chauffeurs and guides and the best selection of accommodation, catering to both individuals and groups.